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February 9, 2024

Am I Fit Enough For CrossFit?

When people find out I own a CrossFit affiliate it usually sparks an interesting conversation about CrossFit, what it actually is, and how it has helped countless people become stronger, fitter, and healthier. The individual shows excitement and interest. They want to feel strong. They want to look good naked. 

So then I ask, why don’t you come check us out? We’d love to have you!

Can you be too dirty to get clean?

And in that moment something inside switches. And they say, “Oh, I’m not fit enough for CrossFit. I should work on my fitness first.” or “Don’t I have to be Fit to do CrossFit?”

Saying you are not fit enough to do CrossFit is like saying you are too dirty to take a shower. 

Imagine you come back from camping, work, or spend a long day in the yard. You’re covered in dirt, grime, sweat, and you definitely smell like swamp ass. 

Showers get you clean. CrossFit gets you fit.

Do you walk into the yard, grab the hose, and hose yourself off and then say “Okay, now I’m clean enough to take a shower?” No. Of course not. It’s ridiculous, because the shower is the very thing that brings you what you want…to be clean and fresh.

I’m sure you can tell where I’m going with this.

Fitness, of any level, is not a prerequisite for CrossFit because CrossFit is the thing that will bring you what you seek: to improve your overall health and fitness and look and feel good naked. 

I’m not sure you heard me: NO FITNESS REQUIRED. 

If you have a pulse in your body and air in your lungs, then you are fit enough to start CrossFit.

And here is where your brain is going to try and convince you that you can’t: you lose breath walking up the stairs. You struggle to carry your forty pound child. Your doctor has used terms like pre-diabetic or “morbidly obese.” 

You are telling yourself I don’t understand. I couldn’t possibly get it.  But I do, because it's not about your size or fitness. It's about your belief.

I know what it is to constantly fight the self-doubt and the insecurities that hold you back. I understand the never-ending battle between wanting to believe in yourself and actually believing in yourself. 

Just get through the door.

And let’s be honest. It’s not your fitness that is keeping you from walking through the door, it is your lack of belief that you belong in the space and that you can do this hard thing. 

Here is what I can tell you: the absolute hardest thing you will do when starting CrossFit is walk through the door for the first time. 

You belong in CrossFit.

I can’t force you through that door. But I promise you that if you can believe in yourself just enough to get through the door, we will come alongside you and help you with the rest. You will never be alone in this journey ever again. And I believe in you and your ability to get through the door.

Not only are you fit enough for CrossFit, but you belong in CrossFit.

Click this link and book your intro, and let’s find out how fit you really are. 

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