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April 25, 2004

What If

What If...

I don't get the job? I get divorced? I don't pay off my debt? I get injured? I get sick? My car breaks down? Everything changes? Things don't change? What if I Fail? 

The problem with What Ifs does not lie in the question itself, but rather the possibilities that we focus on. Generally speaking when we enter the what-if mentality we look for everything that could possibly go wrong. We tell ourselves it's so we can plan and be ready for potential outcomes, but really we're letting our fear and lack of confidence rationalize our choice to not go after something big. We're making decisions based on the control our fear tells us we need. Biologically this makes sense; our brains are wired to protect us. It takes massive effort and courage to silence that noise and step into the unknown. Unfortunately, these negative what-ifs are robbing us of our potential, of successes, of our dreams.

What If...

I got the promotion? We are married 50+ years? I'm healthy and active? I can live independently? I succeed? 

There is such power in words. Did you notice it when you read the second set of what-ifs? I felt it writing them out! There was a physical lightness that spread through my body and a smile emerged on my face. No, I'm not making this up for the benefit of an article. If we what-if in the realm of possibilities...we are limited only by our imagination in terms of what is possible. This breeds confidence and positivity. Sure it's still scary; the unknown usually is. But when we dwell in the possibilities our attitude shifts from one of fear to one of grit and excitement. Obstacles be damned! We are going to go after the thing!

You may be wondering what this has to do with health and fitness. I mean, this is a CrossFit gym website, after all.

It has everything to do with health and fitness. How we talk to ourselves is intricately connected to our success in our fitness journeys.

People come to us because they want a change. But they aren't sure what the process will look like or how they will get there. In fact, they often think, "What if this doesn't work and I feel like this forever." It takes tremendous courage and vulnerability to come in and say that to us. But we know this WILL work, and change is just around the corner for everyone who walks through our door. Including you. That change starts first, not with nutrition or fitness, but with how people talk to themselves. We know that lasting change will occur when you go from "What if I'm like this forever?" to "What if I become the healthiest version of myself?" or "What if this works and I can get off my meds?" or "What if this works and I have to buy a whole new wardrobe?"

We know what you are capable of and we believe in your ability to achieve more than you imagined. What if that were true? 

If you're looking for lasting change, if you want to believe in yourself as others do, then give us a call or drop-in. Let's discuss the possibilities.

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